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Having been born and raised in Florida provided me the opportunities to be exposed to a variety of ecosystems from coral reefs, to the Everglades and up to the Panhandle. Being the son of an avid outdoors man, I followed in my father’s footsteps and began a lifelong admiration and love of all that nature has to offer.  It led to a career as a science teacher, teaching biology and marine science in a high school.  It was in this environment in which I would bring the passages of the text books to life by supporting it with my experiences and stories of the outdoors with all of its splendor. It was at that moment where my passion for capturing the beauty of the natural world began.  A simple statement from a student wishing I could show them the sights I’ve seen made everything click! 


I quickly grew a desire to share the visions of my experiences.  My interest to capturing nature in every aspect naturally thrust me into wildlife and landscape photography.  Quickly, new doors began to open my understanding of the art of photography and capturing what few are able to see. It forced me to hone in on what can casually be overlooked.  To have an eye for the art within nature.


My wish is to create art that makes one see the natural world in new and different perspectives. To see it as if they are there witnessing it firsthand.  My purpose is, through fine art photography, to evoke an admiration as well as an emotional connection. Notwithstanding, that through this heightened awareness, we educate present and future generations the importance of conservation.


They say one should stop and smell the roses… I say yes but, lets also admire and experience the shades of red, the texture, its curves, and its taste. 

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